About Us

PlayTopia is a Christian based nursery school situated on the premises of the extremely popular PlayTown. For everyone that is familiar with PlayTown will know the importance of family, and PlayTopia will follow the same family moral, focusing on creating a well-oiled family system for the children, working with the parents to create the best possible learning and growing environment for all children.

Currently we have a spacious classroom with a qualified teacher and an assistant who gives class in both Afrikaans and English (double medium). We provide well-balanced stimulation both inside the classroom and on the playground. Our focus is on play-based learning as children from birth to seven learn the best through real life experiences. The teacher and her assistant tie the work they do in the classroom to real-world experiences and lessons. We work academics into the daily program using the curriculum set out for ELDAS, balancing between the two as we work and operate with the ethos of, we play, learn, and grow together.

General Info

Toddlers (1 -3 years of age) 

Pre-school (4-5 years of age)

We follow the 4 terms set out by GDE. Dual language education.


06:30 – 18:00  R2950 p/m

Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack and a nutritious lunch.


06:30 – 14:00  R2650 p/m

Includes breakfast, mid-morning snack and a nutritious lunch.


We have been blessed with the most unique facility in Centurion. Offering more than enough space for the children to learn through play, to play freely and to learn and grow whilst having fun. The pretend play rooms will be used daily to incorporate all learning (play based and academic), the jungle gym and trampolines for instance are great for activities that focuses on gross motor development.

We have a fully equipped kitchen (with a Health and Safety Certificate), ready to prepare and make the food daily, ensuring that your little one is fed wholesome, nutritious, healthy but enjoyable food.

We accommodate children up to just before grade R and follow an approved ELDA curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with air cons making all weather conditions more than just bearable. The current classroom consists of 2 bathrooms (boys and girls) as well as a baby changing room. The classroom is also equipped with a variety of toys and educational material and each group is carefully cared for by a qualified head teacher and an assistant to ensure one on one attention.  We provide for a full day of fun and learning in a secure, friendly, and stimulating environment.